Monday, May 12, 2014

Monday Badday

Finally i'm getting to an end of high school. Its literally my last days and I don't know how to describe how happy I am. Both because I'm done with annoying people and all those meaningless classes that I'm not good at it. Hopefully in couple months I'm gonna be studying communication major also maybe a english literature minor. Oh god I feel like total nerd for first time and I'm happy about it. 

At the same time I continue to work out. I did something I cannot believe. I run. I really run more than 2 minutes without dying. Normally I cannot even breathe after first minute and I run like 8 minutes what up?! I walk after that too tho, like total 25 minutes plus exercises like squat, push up, sit up... 

I'm really happy that summer is coming, I'm losing weight and almost done with high school. I really wanna travel, sun tan, dance and drink tasty cocktails all summer. I feel like total lazy cat. 

And mondays are suck, so here is a motivation picture for you.