Thursday, August 7, 2014

Coming Back Home

Italy was beautiful and glad I went, I had wonderful time but.... I didn't even miss my home in America when I stayed for a year, this time I miss my home, my city, my family too much... When plane came to Istanbul in the night when I see all those lights of the city, omg that was one of the most beautiful city view I ever see. I love to see that for all my life, city lights in the night over a plane looks amazing... 
On the other side Istanbul is burning, even its so hot in the night. Also I have to deal with university stuff. I have a wedding to got tho!!!! Yaay I love weddings, and mainly to get ready for them :) For my first day I was at the pool all day and then out for night so I'm really happy to be at home again.

Here i add a picture of my beautiful city, enjoy and come visit me :)