Sunday, June 22, 2014

My Fave Lippies

I got an email that asking my favorite lip essentials so here they're...

Lots of time I actually forget or feel lazy to put stuff on to my lips but only lip balms... My faves are EOS, vaseline, VS Plump, and Body Shop Born Lippy Framboise. 

Lip glosses are my second option for casual days because they're easy to use and I don't have to refresh it every half hour. I have two shades of Sally Hansen Lip Inflation Extreme, they're really good and make my lips plump, i don't really have big lips, but I don't like that they're sticky... Also I have one Lancome 306, i love the color.

My real favorites by color are the lipsticks but I'm not good at those, cus as I said before I forgot to refresh them or I just get lazy and don't use them. Still I try to use when I go out more than casual... I like only dark shades of red and maroon. Max Factor 820, Chanel 62, 17, 75, Clarins 106, Sally Hansen Rococo. I have one also one pink shade by Shiseido that my fave lately that I actually start to use everyday especially at work. Its 327. 

Ask me anything you wanna know and I'll answer asap.